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The Frontend Cloud

4 minutes read

The landscape of Web dev tech has been oscillating between the "all server" and "all client" models, with each phase presenting its unique set of advantages and challenges. Now, this swinging pendulum is losing momentum and reaching a point of equilibrium (_how did I manage to write three Latin words...


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It's time to rename serverless

2 minutes read

This is a short post.

The theory of Wardley mapping talks about how things get a new meaning as they evolve.

  • DevOps does not mean the same in 2023 as in 2013
  • Cloud does not mean the same in 2023 as in 2010
  • Platform does not mean the same in 2023...

How Edge Computing can make the Web better

5 minutes read

Different rendering options

It appears to me that making architectural decisions for Web development is more complicated than ever due to the emergence of frameworks that bake in client/server tradeoffs. Yes, I am thinking of Next.js or Remix, which offer different rendering options for different use cases. In any case,...


Conversational Programming

1 minute read

I heard multiple times Simon Wardley talking about Conversational Programming as far back as 2019, but I think it didn't strike me until I put my hands on it. Yes, as I have shared in this post, [I used ChatGPT to generate about 30%-40% of the code I wrote for...


The engineering behind octotype: GitHub Issues as CMS, Next.js, and 8 times OpenAI saved me

6 minutes read

This is the story of how I made this site, octotype.

First of all, being a lousy programmer as I am, I wanted to minimize damage and use a stack that maximizes the developer experience. For me, a good developer experience creates spaces for you to focus on fixing the business...


What's octotype and why do we need it?

3 minutes read

Why is writing and sharing stories important?

As we approach the advent of AGI (artificial general intelligence), it's becoming increasingly crucial for developers in the tech industry to have an audit trail of their public content and a demonstrable record of their insights. In a world where AGI will analyze...